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For thousands of years, especially in China, the noble silk fibre has been used from the cocoons won from the silkworms. Origin Silk production originated from China where silk has been produced since 2800 BC. Silk was already around during the antique and Middle Ages as an important commodity which was transported to Europe via the silk road. In addition to China, where today the majority is produced, Japan, India and Thailand are other important producing countries. Qualities Silk is characterized by its
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The wool obtained from the fur of cashmere goats belongs in the luxury yarn category due to its special properties and softness. Origin The cashmere goat comes from the Kashmir region in South Asia and Nepal. There are around 20 species of cashmere goat. These species of goats require certain weather conditions, they are kept at around 4000 meters in areas with harsh winters, so the wool achieves the desired quality. Qualities Cashmere feels especially soft on the skin. Moreover, the wool also
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Alpaca wool is a warm natural fibre from an alpaca, a species of South American camelid. Origin While Alpacas originated in Peru they are now being bred around the world in countries such as Germany or Austria. There are two breeds of Alpaca. The Huacaya breed has a thicker fleece with fine, crinkly fibres while the Suri Alpaca has straight or curly fibres. Qualities The alpaca fibres have excellent thermal properties. In winter the wool stores body heat, while in summer the fibres
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