Jamieson & Smith

Jamieson & Smith is a well-known and loved brand of Shetland Wool. It is known all over the world for it’s fineness and warmth, and the numerous colors it comes in. The Shetland Islands are located north-east of Scotland at 60 degrees latitude and are almost as close to Norway as they are Scotland. The Shetland Isles consist of around 100 islands of which up to 30 are inhabited by people. The Islands came under Scottish rule in the 15th century, but before that Norwegian influences were strong. The islands today continue to blend Norse and Scottish cultures. Shetland wool comes from Shetland sheep, a small primitive sheep that is particularly suited to living on these islands. Their diet consists of salt-misted grass, heather and sometimes seaweed. Their wool comes in several colors and fleece patterns which result in beautiful naturally colored yarn. Their wool also takes dyes very well and so J&S offers a huge selection of colors. Most of the wool grown on the Shetland Islands (by over 700 crofters throughout the islands) is purchased by Jamieson & Smith who then turn this raw wool into high-quality wool products such as yarn, knitwear, carpets and textiles.
Jamieson & Smith makes every effort to enhance the profile of Shetland wool in order to better pay the crofters that grow the wool. J&S has been in business since the 1930’s when it was founded by the Smith family of Berry Farm in Scalloway. In the 1960’s the business moved to Lerwick where it remains today.

In 2004 they partnered with Curtis Wool Direct in Yorkshire, however Jamieson & Smith remains a stand alone company, in that the profits received from the sale of Real Shetland Wool and Real Shetland Wool products come back into the Shetland economy and are passed along to their number one priority, the wool producers.

The Woolly Thistle is honored and proud to stock Jamieson & Smith.

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