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LITLG - Life In The Long Grass

LITLG – we are an independent, artisan studio with a strong work ethos.  We love scrubbing pots, cooking up color and skeining, packing and designing new colorways.

Photography is so important to me and is very much part of capturing the essence of living in the long grass and the splendor of Ireland.

Life in the Long Grass?

Our name represents the natural life of the wool that we dye.  Wonderful sheep braving the elements and a way of life where taking the time to make something and enjoying the process is as important as the wool itself.  We are crazy about texture and rustic living and are inspired by our surroundings in the countryside, you will spot this in our main body of colorways.

Environmentally Aware Hand Dyeing Methods & Packaging

We dye using professional washfast and lightfast dyes which have minimum impact on the environment as we exhaust each dye pot so all the color is absorbed onto our yarn and the water is clear and safe to use again for our next batch.  This is achieved by meticulous calculations and recipes that we have created to be as exact, efficient and environmentally friendly as we can.  All our labels are made from 100% recycled paper and our non mulesed wool is sourced from small farms in South America and British breeds where animal welfare is taken seriously.