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Camel hair

Wool from fine camel hair is similarly soft as cashmere wool and also has other great properties. Origin The fine, high-quality camel wool comes from the two-humped camel, which is mainly found in western China and outer Mongolia as well as being native in countries with very harsh climates. Qualities Camel hair wool has excellent heat properties and offers a first-class thermoregulation. The hair has a silky sheen and is very smooth and fine in structure. It is also known for excellent moisture
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The mohair wool is a soft and smooth natural fibre made from the hair of the Angora goat (also known as mohair goat). Origin The mohair goat originally stems from the two-stream region between Euphrates and Tigris, today’s Iraq. Since the 12th century it can be found in the highlands of Anatolia (Turkey). There are still stocks there today but now they are mainly bred in South Africa, South America and Texas. Qualities The wool of the mohair goat is silky, smooth or
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Yak wool is very fine, soft and warm natural fibre which is produced from the undercoat of a Yak. Origin Originally the yak comes from the Himalyas and was around 3,000 to 4,000 years ago. It was tamed as the only type of cattle as the yak has a multi-layered thick coat of hair whose underhair is very fine, soft and warm. Apart from the Himalayas, yaks are also found in Mongolia and are native to southern Siberia but occasionally also found in
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