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Alpaca wool is a warm natural fibre from an alpaca, a species of South American camelid.


While Alpacas originated in Peru they are now being bred around the world in countries such as Germany or Austria. There are two breeds of Alpaca. The Huacaya breed has a thicker fleece with fine, crinkly fibres while the Suri Alpaca has straight or curly fibres.


The alpaca fibres have excellent thermal properties. In winter the wool stores body heat, while in summer the fibres provide thermoregulation. Alpaca wool is very durable and dirt-repellent. The wool is incredibly soft and is not scratchy due to the finely structured fibres (0.4 micron).


The production of alpaca wool begins in the spring. The shorn fleece is cleaned roughly and is sorted by colour and quality. The wool is now washed thoroughly and then carded (preliminary stage of spinning). This causes the fibres to be arranged in the same direction. Now the fibres can be spun.

Protection and Care

If there are coarse pieces of dirt in the wool, they can simply be knocked out. Odour can be eliminated by simply ventilating the knitting. If you want to properly wash the wool, then only in a wool wash in the mashing machine or by hand. The temperature should be a maximum of 30°C.




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