Yak wool is very fine, soft and warm natural fibre which is produced from the undercoat of a Yak.


Originally the yak comes from the Himalyas and was around 3,000 to 4,000 years ago. It was tamed as the only type of cattle as the yak has a multi-layered thick coat of hair whose underhair is very fine, soft and warm. Apart from the Himalayas, yaks are also found in Mongolia and are native to southern Siberia but occasionally also found in Europe.


The yak has a multi-layered fur, the under hair the yak consists of special fine and delicate fibres.  In younger animals the quality of the underfur is particularly good. Due to its fineness, yak wool is very precious. Yak wool is one of the warmest wool types and protects against the cold at sub-zero temperatures. In addition, yak wool is very light and at the same time very robust.


Yak wool production begins in the spring. The animals are thoroughly combed, and the fibres are collected. The first step in the production is to separate the coarse from the fine hair which is separated by hand. Afterwards, the fibres are sorted by fineness and colour. Next the fibre is tapped to remove any residual soil and then washed. Finally, the fine lower hair and the rough outer hair are separated.

Protection and Care

Yak wool should not be washed above 30°C and at a low speed – but it is better if hand washed. Here you should note that you wash the wool with clear water. After washing it is important to wrap the wool in a towel before it is hung to try.


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