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The mohair wool is a soft and smooth natural fibre made from the hair of the Angora goat (also known as mohair goat).


The mohair goat originally stems from the two-stream region between Euphrates and Tigris, today’s Iraq. Since the 12th century it can be found in the highlands of Anatolia (Turkey). There are still stocks there today but now they are mainly bred in South Africa, South America and Texas.


The wool of the mohair goat is silky, smooth or slightly curled. The structure of the wool ensures that it curls less: it contains two different types of keratin; one being stored around the other and getting thicker over the course of a goat’s life. In contrast to sheep’s wool, mohair wool mattes less.


After shearing, the hair is sorted by quality. The most beautiful wool is on the back and shoulders of the animal. After washing the wool, you get the actual fibre yield. The wool is then melted and stretched to prepare it for the yarn spinning works. The short fibres are combed out. The ridges are delivered to the worsted spinning mill where they are twisted into even, fine and smooth yarns and threads.

Protection and Care

The best way to keep the wool nice and fluffy is to wash the wool by hand. To do this use lukewarm water and a suitable wool detergent should be used. To dry the wool it is recommended to dab it with a towel.


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